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Shout out to Mr. Beauchamp our Lego Robotics enrichment teacher for providing the opportunity for our Newcastle students to build, program, and design a robot that solves a Rubik's Cube.  

Watch_the_robot_solve_the_Rubik's_Cube_here... Card IconWatch the robot solve the Rubik's Cube here...Top of Page

Mr. Beauchamp and our Lego Robotics enrichment class students make a robot in support of Ukraine!

Robot_Supports_Ukraine Card IconRobot Supports UkraineTop of Page

Enrichment Programs are after-school activities designed to give students the opportunity to try new things and explore and develop interests outside of the classroom.

Space is limited! Contact the school office to sign-up!
Click HERE for the most up to date information

Enrichment classes will be a blend of students and grade levels. In order to reduce the potential spread of COVID and subsequent quarantine of multiple students/grade levels, we are going to add additional precautions for participation in the enrichment classes. Our goal is to provide outstanding programs while keeping everyone safe. We look forward to adjusting our requirements as COVID cases decline in our area.

If you have additional questions, please refer to the PCOE COVID-19 Response Protocol, updated March 12, 2022

Pick up for classes held in room 205 or the library is by the flagpole on the upper campus. Pick up for the Naturalists and Cooking Classes will be on the lower campus outside of the 600 building.
*Note, suggested donations allow us to keep our programs funded so that we can provide more experiences for our students. You can request a scholarship by contacting Mrs. Giove.