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Volunteering in/out of the Classroom

Volunteer packets are available for pickup in the school office

Monday - Friday 7:30-3:30

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in classroom requirements
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  1. Volunteer Information Form
  2. Fingerprint Clearance through Department of Justice (DOJ)
  3. Valid driver's license or identification card
  4. Tuberculosis test/ questionnaire
  5. Principal's approval
Fingerprint clearances do not need to be renewed annually.  This information cannot be shared with any other agencies, organizations, or schools, therefore if you had this done for another organization you will need to have it done for Newcastle.

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out of classroom requirements (field trips)
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  1. Cleared Volunteer will complete the Volunteer Driver Information Form
  2. Cleared Volunteer will submit a photocopy of his/her insurance "declarations page" indicating the expiration date and the coverage limits as described in the Volunteer Driver Information Form.  This information will need to be updated each school year and/or upon the expiration of the insurance policy.
  3. Cleared Volunteer will submit a copy of their valid Driver's License.
  4. Cleared Volunteer will submit a copy of a current driving record obtained from DMV 
All students to be transported by a Cleared Volunteer shall provide the school office with a completed Parent/ Guardian Authorization for Child to be Transported by an Authorized Private Driver Form

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Once the above requirements have been met, Volunteers must follow the steps below each time on campus when volunteering:
  1. Sign in at the school office
  2. Wear a volunteer identification badge or sticker while on campus
  3. Share valid personal identification prior to supervising or working with students driving on field trips.

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Resources and questions
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Board Policies related to Volunteers
Live Scan locations

All required necessary paperwork for volunteering and/or transporting students is available and can be picked up at the school office.  For Confidentiality, please RETURN the completed paperwork and required documents to the school office at 8951 Valley View Drive, Newcastle, CA 95658.