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Opportunities for Involvement

Update October 13, 2021 Click HERE to see current volunteer information
Our school is a better place because of our volunteers.  The following opportunities are some of the ways to make an impact at our school and on our students.  If you are interested in volunteering, please contact our school office.
Site-Based Opportunities for Parent, Teacher, and Community Input
  • Classroom volunteer
  • School event volunteer
  • Library volunteer
  • Art Docent
  • Sight Word Busters
  • School Site Council
    • Meets approximately 8 times per year
    • Members: Parents, Students, Teachers, Classified Staff, and Administration
    • Membership is solicited annually and sent to all families
    • The public is welcome to attend
    • Meetings are noticed and posted in advance at the school office and in the weekly communication to parents
    • Function:
      • To give input on school programs and the local community accountability plan – LCAP
  • Parent-Teacher Corporation - PTC
    • Meets monthly
    • Members: parents grandparents teachers classified and administration
      • The public is welcome to attend
    • Meetings are noticed and posted in advance on the PTC website, Facebook, in the weekly communication with parents and on the school calendar
    • Function:
      • To support the school through fundraising and community building
      • To give input on schoolwide events projects implants
      • Support or staff and students
Opportunities at the District Level
  • Surveys - done annually
  • District Advisory Committee
    • Scheduled monthly
    • Parents and Superintendent
      • Membership is solicited annually via the district website and school notice
      • Meetings will be noticed and posted in advance on the district website and school calendar
    • Serves as an advisory council to the district
      • The local community accountability plan
      • District and school programs
      • The public is welcome to attend
  • Newcastle Elementary School District - NESD Board meeting
    • Meets approximately 12 times per year
    • Members: five elected or appointed Board members
    • The public is invited to attend and give input
    • Meetings are posted in advance at the school, district office, and district website
    • To oversee district policy, budgets, plans, contracts, expenditures
      • Local Community Accountability Plan - LCAP