Newcastle Elementary/Charter School

Great things to come in the 2018-2019 School Year

As the school year winds down, we are at work preparing for next year.  We have taken into account feedback from surveys, as well as identified needs for our students.  Here are some of the highlights: 


-Classroom Modernization:  All classes on the upper campus will have the interior remodeled, as well as the office. This includes new furniture and projection systems!  


-Technology:  Grades 3-8 will be 1:1 with Chromebooks.  Grades 6-8 will be able to take them home.  Each class in grades TK-2 will have iPads, and access to Chromebook carts. 


-Next year we will unveil a new website for both the school and district. 


- GATE: This year GATE was changed to include hands-on learning experiences in art, robotics, and biology that concluded with a culminating event.  Next year the depth of these offerings will increase as will the length of time that GATE lessons will run. 


-STEM/Makerspace Lab:  The school will establish a classroom as a Makerspace Lab.  There is a growing need for learning space that facilitates exploration with robotics, coding, science labs, and video production.  Makerspace Lab will grow over time, but it promises to expand learning opportunities across the grades. 


-Improved location for classes.  Each grade level will have classes next to each other as well as Spanish and Music.


-Social and emotional needs:  We are increasing our counselor's time on campus.  We are also working to bring Mindfulness practices to our students and staff, along with more systematic approaches to addressing issues like bullying. 


-Newcastle is working to strengthen the band program to create a stronger feeder program.  Our students are fortunate to go to local high schools with outstanding band and music programs.  Our new efforts will increase student opportunities to play at higher levels. 


-Increased resources for parents to support their student(s). 


-Class sizes:  maintained efforts to sustain the smallest class size averages for similar schools in the county. 


Each one of these highlights are large undertakings.  We are excited to partner with our school community to make these efforts come to fruition!