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Tech Tips

Many of the resources we will share with you come from Common Sense Media and please feel free to look into their site as they have a collection of great resources.  This week's tip is "Iffy Apps Your Kids Might Be Using" and reviews 4 different apps from our last post that are popular but also have some risks. This post is an article and a fast read or skim. Click here for "Iffy Apps Your Kids Might Be Using"
Many of our students are still playing Fortnite and the obsession has not died out yet.  With a new demand to make in-game purchases for “skins” and “emotes,” it can be easy for students and parents to be scammed.  This post is an article and a fast read or skim. Click here for "How To Protect Your Kid From Fortnite Scams"
Tech Tip of the Week for Parents:
This week we are focused on a common question that parents ask, especially those who have students with iPhones or iPads or are thinking of purchasing one.  Please watch this quick video on the easiest way to set up parental controls for your child’s device that can set boundaries of your choosing for your student.