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Covid-19 Student Testing

To get started,  please register for testing by clicking this link and selecting “Student  Registration”
COVID Testing for Students -The  District has partnered with the  California  Department of  Public  Health to offer free  COVID-19  testing.  We are ready to provide this service to symptomatic students that are already on campus. This optional free program would allow parents to opt-in to have their students tested for  COVID-19  at school. At this time,  the school office will ONLY be testing students that have prior opt-in registration,  are symptomatic, and are on campus at the time. The rapid test may allow students who test negative to return to class without quarantine,  though normal sickness policies still apply  (e.g. vomiting,  fever,  etc.).  A  positive test would provide important safety information for the family and would help prevent outbreaks at school.  Student test results are kept confidential.  The parent/guardian will receive an email with the test results about  30  minutes after the test is completed.
No student will be tested without consent and registration by their parent/guardian.  Families who wish to participate only need to register one time for each child.  Once a  student is registered,  they remain approved in the software.  Parents may log in and rescind authorization at any time.  All questions included in registration are required for California  State public health reporting.  Please note this program is free for all participants.  If you need assistance with registration or have questions about the  CA  Rapid  Antigen  Testing  Program,  you can contact a call center representative  Monday  -  Friday,  8  am  -  5  pm  PST  at  650-275-5419.  Testing is not required but highly encouraged.    Thank you for helping us stay safe,  prevent outbreaks,  and keep kids in school!